About Us


MeI’m Craig and this is my company. I have been in the industry for over 10 years now and I enjoy the challenges of a rapidly, ever advancing trade. There have been huge advances in technology and signal reception since I began, it would be fair to say that in this trade you never stop learning.

The company actually goes way back to the early 90s when my old work mate, Chris, started off by delivering and installing TVs for David Morgans department store of Cardiff and Dan Evans department store of Barry. Now and again I would help him out. I went on to spend 5 years as a retail manager with Virgin Megastores before deciding to do something different. Chris and myself started working together while I was deciding what to do with myself and then the rest is history!

Over 10 years later and here I am still enjoying my work. I am very particular, fussy and have a real obsession with attention to detail. I have probably wall mounted several thousand TVs over the years and like to think that this, along with hiding the cables, is my best skill. If anyone can do it, I will find a way!

Me 2When I started we still had analogue TV and the old white Sky+ boxes. HD was only just creeping in slowly and I remember this new fantastic piece of technology called Sonos which is now the market leader for multiroom audio. I was involved with the digital switchover which began in 2008 from the Scottish highlands to Cornwall, to more complex work like the recent upgrading of communal IRS systems to SkyQ compatibility. Basically, there is not a lot I haven’t seen, done and bought the t-shirt.

What are my interests? Well, technology of course, music (I have played in many bands over the years), history (war history in particular), football (Cardiff City season ticket holder), reading, real ale and good food.